Tips in getting the best response from your leaflet advertising

Whilst leaflets may not generate the best return on investment for all businesses, for some they can prove to be an amazingly cost effective and targeted form of advertising. Whilst you may think that the internet and other forms of digital marketing are the way to go when it comes to promoting your business, we simply cannot afford to dismiss traditional forms of advertising.

We are often asked “what kind of response will I get from my leaflets?”. The truth is, no one really knows as it is pretty much impossible to predict how successful your leaflets will be. But we will say that if you have a great offer, communicate it well and put it in front of the right people, your leaflets will stand a much better chance of success.

Things to consider:

1. The right people
The key to a successful leaflet campaign is getting your leaflets in front of the right people. It is pointless posting a leaflet for a glazing company through the door of a house that has just had a new set of windows fitted. This may be out of your control, if you are using a leaflet distribution company. However, if you are, you can tailor your leaflets to focus to a wider audience by offering a variety of services. Who knows, Mrs. Smith may be happy with her new windows, but hates the handles! Put yourself in the shoes of a person who could potentially receive your leaflets, does it appeal?

2. A clear call to action
Keep the message simple and easy to understand. You want your target audience to ‘get’ what you’re selling, quickly, even if they have only had a quick glance as it lay on their doorstep before they left for work. Avoid lots of text on the front. A strong heading with great, enticing images and your products or services bullet pointed, will have more impact. The back can be used for more in depth information, after you have caught your potential customer’s attention.

3. Give them a nudge
Consider offering a discount or some sort of voucher. If the recipient is in the market to buy your product and already considering other companies, your discount could mean the difference in them making contact with your for a quote or to buy. Also, a discount or voucher is a great way to monitor the response rate of your leaflets.

4. Put your best suit on
I don’t mean this literally! What I do mean is, make your leaflet stand out with eye-catching design that oozes professionalism. Have a look around, do a bit of research into what your competition is doing and always aim to do it better than them. Find yourself a great leaflet designer and remember that the cheapest designers are cheap for a reason!

Hopefully, you will have found our our short leaflet guide useful and it will help you to create a great leaflet.

Of course, if you want expert advice and a great designer to design you a world class leaflet, we’re hear to help. Contact us today to give yourself the best possible chance of leaflet advertising success!

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