3 crucial things to consider before designing your new website

If you run any sort of business, then having a website to show what you offer online is never going to be a bad thing. However, you really need to consider what you want to get out of your website, as there are lots of different types of websites and spending a little time planning at the beginning will ensure you get the best fit for your business and crucially, the best return on your investment.

We have put together a set of 3 really simple questions for you to think about. The answer to these is the perfect website for your business.

1. What do you want to get out of your website?
As we have said previously, any form of online presence (in most cases) is better than none at all. However, if you really want new and existing customers to engage with what you are offering, then you need to make sure your website doesn’t hold any barriers.

For example, if you run a small independent clothes shop and want to start generating sales online, then you will need a website with ecommerce facilities, to show your products and also to take payments. There are lots of things to consider with an online shop too, but knowing this will give you a head start.

2. Have the right information before the build process starts
Many features can be added after the launch of your website, however, it usually works out much more cost effective to have all the features implemented in the first build. For example, you start with a simple gallery to show images of your products or your services. What you really needed was a facility to sell them online, take payments and bookings with a dynamic feed through to different pages. This may require a complete rebuild of the structure, which in turn will mean it will cost more in the long run.

3. Concentrate on the big stuff first
Don’t get too bogged down with the finer details such as the colours or specific imagery to start with. The most important things to think about at this stage is what you want your website visitors to do when they are using your website and formulate a plan to facilitate this.

This information is crucial in forming the bones of your website. Your web designer will then be able to take this information and wireframe the layout and base functions. At this stage, a good designer should start to get a real ‘feel’ for your company, it’s ethos and what your ultimate goals are. These building blocks allow us to work alongside you to evaluate the website, the navigation, the user experience and how they interact with each part of the site and adjust the design until the client is completely happy and layout is right.

There are lots of things to consider, but fundamentally, these pointers will set you on the right track and help determine the right platform for your website. Once you have the right platform, a good designer will work with you to develop your amazing new website. If you need any help or have any questions, get in touch with us!

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